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TODAY: New Music Video From Rich Jacques

A truly beautiful music video from GRAMMY Winning Singer/Songwriter/Producer Rich Jacques is released today. With hints of Bon Iver, the song and accompanying visual are food for the soul...

The video, directed by Danielle Rubi, is for the entrancing song 'Clear Blue Skies', taken from the Latest Album — Joy Follows Like A Shadow That Never Leaves.

The song itself features warm guitar melodies and an intimate, rich lead vocal. It's a simple composition which is so effective - whilst some songwriters go overboard trying to capture emotion, Jacques is a master at knowing what to leave out just as much as he is at what to include in the arrangement. The track was written in with the artist's friend Tom Rhodes at Jacques' LA studio in K-town. It's about drifting apart within a relationship, yet coming to realise that ultimately, the love shared never fades.

The video has a pastel lofi grainy quality to the film which feels nostalgic. Featuring various sea- and land-scapes, the video thrusts you into the arms of Mother Nature and invites you to admire the beauty of the sunset, mountains, skies and ocean.

In the artist's own words:

I met Danielle Rubi through my friend Renee Stahl while hibernating in Montecito during Covid. We seem to share the same sensibility in our love for music. Seeing some of the videos she showed me from other artists that she worked with, I asked if she had footage from her travels that could make a really interesting impressionistic video for the song. She came back with this lovely piece.

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Rich Jacques' album 'Joy Follows Like A Shadow That Never Leaves is out now to stream & download HERE


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