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Unmissable new collaboration from L.O.U. & Big O on their brand new album.

Released last month on February 11th, South Side Jamaica Queens rapper L.O.U (an acronym for “Let’s Obliterate The Universe”) delivered his exciting new album, Journey Of Choices (An Awakening Mind). Produced entirely by London-based American Producer Big O, the album marks the latest collaboration between the pair; with this being their first album together since their 2017 debut, The South Side of Things. Adding to the diverse and collaborative nature of the album, the record is littered with fantastic features along the way, from artists including Nathan Blur, Maze Rockwell, Doughboy Tony, P-Rawb, Shari, Frannie EL, B. Chap, Trell Money and Kria.

A vibrant and eclectic twelve-track album, Journey Of Choices (An Awakening Mind) instantly brings listeners into an immersive soundscape, and takes you on a dazzling sonic journey; diving into genres and sounds that span across melodic and soulful R&B, up-tempo funk, and electronic synth-pop. All seamlessly interwoven within the overarching hip-hop and rap-led artistry.

Opening the album is a stunning and captivating intro, Journey of Choices (Intro). A brief 1:08, the instrumental led track, accompanied by some light narration, perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the album. As we dive into the body of the album, we experience the rhythmic and smooth hip-hop led verses and sonic style that run throughout; showcasing L.O.U’s lyrical and vocal prowess. And alongside this, we see the influence of featured artists on the record who seamlessly blend their sound and artistry with L.O.U’s; with, for example, Frannie EL, who we hear on Handle With Flair and Reality Hits, writing the hook we hear on Indigo River.

Overall, the album is a unique and enchanting creation that will have you hooked from start to finish. Filled with additive hooks, unmissable bars, and unexpected melodies; Journey Of Choices (An Awakening Mind) is just exactly that, and will no doubt leave you wanting more.

Listen to the album here:


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