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Up and coming pop singer Lizzie shares empowering track 'Dark Clouds'

At just 18 years old, singer/songwriter Lizzie is set to release her brand new EP ‘Silver Lining’. Joining forces with vocal coach/manager Amelia McCloskey of AM Studios and Darren Martyn of DM Unsigned, Lizzie’s vision for the new EP came to life. The 6-track offering includes stand out single ‘Dark Clouds’, a unifying and uplifting pop ballad that flaunts Lizzie’s melodic and impassioned vocals.

On the meaning behind the track, Lizzie shares: “It’s about realising that though things may not be good at some point in your life it will get better. With the situation we have been through with Covid, the isolation people have had to cope with, it’s important to know that things will get better if we just hang in there.”

Listen to Dark Clouds:


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