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  • lauryverdoux

Von Tagen's "Colorado" - A Love Song That Transcends Distance

Von Tagen, the talented four-piece alternative pop-rock band from Nashville, offers a heartfelt exploration of the complexities of long-distance love in their latest single, "Colorado." Comprising four brothers - Tyler, Jordan, Derick, and Mikey - this family band boasts a unique sound that draws inspiration from contemporary pop and rock genres. Their inventive melodies and resonant lyrics underscore their growing prominence in the music scene.

"Colorado" delves into the reality of maintaining love across miles. It's a subject that resonates with many, and interestingly, it became a lived experience for the band's bassist, Jordan, who entered into a long-distance relationship with a girl from Colorado after the song's creation. This real-life connection to the song amplifies the emotional depth embedded in its melodies and lyrics.

Von Tagen is on a trajectory that aims high, with aspirations to become the next household name in the music industry. "Colorado" is another stepping stone in their musical journey, touching hearts and resonating with anyone who has felt the challenges and joys of long-distance love.


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