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We Chat To Daniel Cantrell, Owner of Unrivaled Records

Daniel Cantrell, owner of Unrivaled Records, talks to us about the industry and talented artist Qjeztic who is signed to his label...

Qjeztic is a very talented songwriter, known for her exhilarating performances. Her sonorous voice perfectly blended with flexibility and quick transition of incredible notes leaves you stunned every time she grabs the microphone to perform. Qjeztic took music serious in 2019 when she began writing to beats and depending on writing lyrics as a daily living. Leaving no stones unturned, she continued till she was able to perform her song 'dreams' in front of a crowd. She ended up signing with her friend (Daniel Cantrell) Owner of Unrivaled Records. Her new single 'Triggered' is out now.

What inspired you to begin your own record label Unrivaled Records?

Hello. Thank you for having me! My inspiration has always been the music. I respect the hell out of all artists from all genres. Seeing how bigger labels were treating their artists really drove me to create a better way. I simply wanted to provide a platform for artists to tell their story on their terms. Without it costing them the things a 360 deal comes with or at the cost of losing the rights to their masters.

What’s the music scene like where you’re based in Las Vegas?

A very local scene. We have a melting pot of artists here. We have every genre of artist here. Unfortunately, few and far between are the opportunities for them to shine in our town. We, as well as a lot of artists from our town have to travel an hour or two for those opportunities. The town is coming around though. It’s slowly starting to realize just how many talented artists it has and is beginning to support them.

So you manage your artist QJEZTIC, tell us about her!

Wow! Where can I begin with this one! I met Q about five years ago while she was working as a convenience store clerk. I’m always in there so it was only natural that we began to talk. We just talked for about three years. Two years ago however, she was trying to prepare for a rap competition. At the time I was working for a local hotel. I helped her prepare by offering her the ballroom where I work. I had a good feeling about her and her potential seeing her rehearse. When the night of the show rolled around, I went to support her. After seeing her preform I was floored. Never in my life have I been so sure about something. Then I was about her being able to make it in this industry. The day after the show I signed her. She has a incredible story and unique way of telling it. Her story is incredible its relatable. Her lyric writing ability is something that sets her apart from anyone in the game today. The best part is she is still growing and developing as an artist. What’s already come has been great but what’s yet to come is truly the exciting part. Which sets me up perfectly for your next question!

What do fans of QJEZTIC have to look forward to soon, are there any surprises to come?

Well, if I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise! I’m sorry I couldn’t resist! There is so much to look forward to! We will be shooting a music video for her single Beat Talks. She has new music as well that will be dropping soon! We’re scheduled to tour beginning of next year!

Is there any advice you would like to give your younger self for coming into the music industry or something to help the song writing/producing process?

How much time do you have! Of course, hindsight twenty- twenty. The one important piece of advice I would give my younger self would be. For sure develop thicker skin quicker. Most importantly don’t push so hard for things to fall into place when they will on their own time.

What QJEZTIC track should we be listening to?

Shoot! Which one shouldn’t they be listing to! She’s got a track for every mood! People really need to hear “Wounded” “Pieces” and No Business (Feat. Fluency) another local Las Vegas rapper I am currently trying to sign! All three of those tracts are hitters for sure!

What creative direction are you taking QJEZTIC?

That is the best aspect of this label! She has total freedom in that regard. She can choose the direction and the label will compensate and offer advice, aid and acquire opportunities. Wherever she decides she wants to creatively.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We tend to take it day by day because even the best laid plans often go awry. That’s not to say we don’t have one. We’re focused on closing out the year by releasing videos for the singles she has out now. As well as preparing and planning for her tour next year! Thank you for having me and allowing me the opportunity to speak about something I’m so passionate about.

Stream 'Triggered' by Qjeztic:


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