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We Talk To The Mighty Twin Turbo B

Twin Turbo B, it’s a pleasure to chat to you here at CFM!

Firstly, who is Twin Turbo B?

Good day! I go by Twin Turbo B an artist from Brooklyn, New York.

You must be inspired by the insane music scene in Brooklyn?

Oh that’s a fact! Brooklyn never been this litt with the new sound right now! But I always had my own sound being that I’m Haitian.

Tell us some about free-styling and how you got into rapping.

Um free-styling it all started in school at the lunch tables, I knew this guy that used to rap and we always used to form a circle in the cafeteria to rap until the next period! good days!! Shoutout my guy Kush Flo.

You’re also a part owner of Яestricted clothing/records - what’s that all about?

Ooh yeah! Яestricted !!! My girlfriend and I own Яestricted Clothing and also build a record label on the same foundation! Restricted Records! it all started from my girl having an idea and we took it from the bottom and now we have one of the biggest artist in the Caribbean shoutout Toppy Boss.

Did you learn anything about the industry spending time as a manager?

Oh Yes! I’ve learn way too much from seeing what’s real and fake! From music video shoots, using props and all but at the end I notice it’s all entertainment. Last but not least!! Spend time on your own talent!!

What can we expect as part of your new revamp, now you’re back from your short hiatus?!

Now that I’m back anyone that knows me for rappin know wassup!! Check my old stuffs on WSHH and YouTube! It’s a problem now I’m lock in the studio you can expect nothing but heat.

What’s the meaning behind your upcoming track “How You Do That”?

How you do that” means a lot to me it’s very special!! That’s why I dropped it on my birthday 4/20

Like I said before I was managing a few artists but that didn’t get me anywhere but learned the game from “industry plants and people that actually have real supporters and that’s what we’re about building organic fans.

Do you enjoy performing live, and have you any gigs on the horizon?

Oh hell yeah!! that’s the fun of it all performing and seeing your supporters happy! And yes I just came from North Carolina for a big meeting can’t speak on it yet but something in the works and lookout for “how you do that music video out soon.

Go follow Twin Turbo B: @twinturbob


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