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Wild Tibetan Monks: Indie Rock With A Touch Of Jazz

A mixture of indie rock with a jazzy affect, Wild Tibetan Monks sculpt a serenity of sorts with “Lying Next To You”. The softness of the sound is outright gorgeous to enjoy in full, for the way they tease out the grooves feels quite soothing. Nods to groups like Ambulance LTD and the Sea and Cake appear throughout, as it follows that similar path. Nothing ever becomes too heavy for the sound at times has a lighter than air quality to it. Vocals too seem to dovetail nicely into the whole of the atmosphere with it swirling about in a fantastic haze.

Guitar and voice set the tone for what follows, as they have a gentle touch to the overall proceedings. The instrumental variety lends it a bit of a timeless, classic quality to it. Deftly sidestepping any trendiness, they go for something that feels a bit more universal. Lyrics possess a pure poetry about them for the verses are drawn together as if by magic. Nothing ever becomes too overwhelming even as they ratchet up the sheer volume of the sound. More akin to a classical suite, the textures grow and expand out into the infinite, wafting up into the air in a glorious way. For the final stretch they enter a victory lap as the piece crests in a flurry of activity.

“Lying Next To You” explores a beautiful pastoral quality, one that revels in the Wild Tibetan Monks’ uncanny ability to unravel a single moment with such grace.


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