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Worlds Apart Return With 'Never After (feat. Scarlett)'

Melodic bass trio Worlds Apart makes us travel to a new dimension with their latest release 'Never After', featuring Scarlett.

On a mission to reach as many people as they can with a message of love, enthusiasm, and hope, Worlds Apart is a creative trio that blends the thoughts of three people into a single conceptual idea. The three artists all bring an added value to the band with their own specialty: Lorenzo is the primary DJ, Jason focuses more on the production, mixing, and mastering side and Ashley takes care of the visual image of Worlds Apart through the creation of electronic, video, and photographic art.

Their new track is filled with the trio's signature sound: stirring lyrics and sound effects to convey a profound emotional message. "Never After" which is anchored by the stunning vocals of well-known performer Scarlett, is about a person who doesn't recognize boundaries and would rather to "die free" than lead a life filled with restrictions. In this gloomy audio fairy tale, that person continue to behave recklessly while feeling unstoppable because it makes them feel more alive. "Never After" hypnotizes its listeners with its eerie piano progressions, deep ambient atmospheres, soaring melodies in the build, and powerful drops.

Used to this quality of work, Worlds Apart strikes with yet another ground-breaking song and sets the standards high for the future.

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