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Zahra Releases Sophomore EP 'in my company'

Zahra is one of those artists that demands your attention but does it in a soft and subtle way. But once she’s got you, that’s it. She takes a firm hold of your ears and you can’t help but listen to her deep yet delicate vocals and her emotionally charged piano playing.

At just 20 years of age, Zahra has just released her sophomore EP ‘in my company’. Last year, she dropped her debut EP ‘I Feel Weird’, which was her artistic way of expressing how she used to be unable to communicate her emotions and mental health struggles with her friends.

This new EP, however, focuses on being alone. Sad, right? Nope, not at all! Zahra has found that having alone time has been extremely beneficial to her.

“This EP is about spending time and healing in my own company. Being alone with myself has become my medicine. It has been the best way for me to grow into a more authentic version of myself and as I grow up, I realize being truly authentic to myself is the only way I want to move through life. If my decisions aren’t coming from my authentic self, I’ll only move towards places that make me unhappy and unfulfilled.

“My emotions that once made me feel isolated allowed me to make music that now connects me to other”, she explains.

Guiding us through this 5-track EP, Zahra uses her super powers; intricate piano playing that skilfully builds a beautiful atmosphere, and of course her powerful singing voice that she uses so well to perfectly express the emotion in each word she sings. She also includes the occasional high-pitched string sound as well as drumbeats to add further layers to the soundscape.

Do yourself a favour and listen to one of the most talented young artists out there at the minute. Listen to ‘in my company’ here:


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