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  • lauryverdoux Unveils Evolved Techno Sound in 'The Back Beat' EP

Phoenix-based DJ/producer is making waves in the techno genre with her upcoming 2-track EP, 'The Back Beat,' set to be released on the Eclipse Red label on August 8th. Departing from her signature organic/chill influenced house sound, delves into harder techno beats, showcasing her evolution as an artist. This blog post will explore the two mesmerizing tracks in 'The Back Beat' EP, delve into's impressive journey in the music industry, and discuss her promising future in the world of techno.

'The Back Beat' EP introduces listeners to a new side of's musical prowess. The EP boasts two standout tracks, "The Back Beat" and "Talk To Me". The former catapults the listener into a dystopian experience, characterized by pulsing basslines and artfully integrated vocal snippets from an interview conducted at a techno warehouse party. The result is an infectious and exhilarating track that captures the essence of techno's raw energy. On the other hand, "Talk To Me" maintains the EP's techno intensity while incorporating raw, seductive melodies that add a touch of sensuality to the mix. By experimenting with vocal samples and intricate soundscapes, crafts a unique and captivating auditory experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on techno enthusiasts.'s journey in the music industry has been fueled by her unwavering trust in her instincts. It all began in 2016 when she secured her first DJ gig in Brooklyn, New York, marking the start of a remarkable career. Her ethereal production style and immersive occult-themed events, such as Midnight Society, quickly garnered attention, propelling her to perform at prestigious venues like Elsewhere and The Rosewood Theater in NYC.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020, turned to production and released four tracks in the first half of 2022 alone. Signing with respected labels like IAMHER, Lots of Practice, and Delusional Records, she solidified her position as a rising star in the industry.

'The Back Beat' EP is just one step in's remarkable journey. With her outstanding accomplishments, such as opening for Drumcode's Tempe tour, performing at Arrival Festival, and earning over 120k+ Spotify streams in 2022, her career is destined for even greater heights. Additionally, her upcoming official remix of "Collide" by Maxinne, signed by the label, promises to further solidify her position in the techno scene. Socials


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