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Alternative Great Escape Day Stage, TGE Brighton 2023


Germein took the spotlight first, and boy, did they wake us up! This talented trio of sisters unleashed their unique vocals, incredible performance skills, and unforgettable songs. We couldn't help but be swept away by their infectious energy. Drummer Carla even surprised us all by popping out from behind her kit and getting the entire crowd clapping along. It's safe to say that Germein gained a legion of new fans with that sensational performance.

Reb Fountain

Next up was Reb Fountain, slinking around the stage like a cat on a mission. If you've ever wondered what it would be like if Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush collided, Reb is your answer. Her folky punk sound and magnetic stage presence had the audience completely captivated. One enthusiastic concert-goer perfectly described her music as "lush" - a term that truly embodies the rich, sensory pleasure Reb's sound delivers. Believe me, it couldn't be more accurate.

Connor Mac

Then, the Kiwi sensation Connor Mac took the stage, armed with just an acoustic guitar, a pedal board, and a boatload of talent. Picture this: perfect hair, toned arms, and a voice as smooth as silk. This guy is the real deal. With his immense skills as a songwriter, instrumentalist, and singer on full display, Connor showcased a genre-bending mix of alt R&B, folk, and something uniquely his own. Trust me, this rising star has all the ingredients to reach astronomical heights.


Aimee graced the stage in her denim-clad glory. Don't let her pint-sized frame fool you because she's a powerhouse of pop perfection. No backing dancers needed here—it's all about Aimee's raw talent. Her gentle stage presence drew us in, but her massive vocal range and Y2Kesque bops reminiscent of Robyn completely blew us away. With epic breakup anthems and vocals that simply cannot be denied, mark my words, Aimee is destined to command stadiums in no time.


Zoon's music is a testament to their artistic vision and their refusal to be confined by genre labels. Their sound is a perfect blend of ambient and alternative rock, creating a sonic landscape that captivates the senses. It's a fusion of melodies and rhythms that hooks the listener from the first note and doesn't let go.


From the moment the vocal hit, a mosh pit erupted, and the crowd was propelled into a frenzy of energy. CIVIC's frenetic sound and electrifying stage presence were absolutely contagious, leaving the audience craving for more with each song. It comes as no surprise that this band has received the stamp of approval from none other than Henry Rollins and if you want to be part of something extraordinary, make sure to catch CIVIC live, these bragging rights are worth claiming. In a defiant display of their punk ethos, they overran, leaving the crowd exhilarated and craving for more. CIVIC's rebellious spirit and unapologetic approach to their performance only add to the intensity of their musical experience.


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