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Alternative-rock riser Atomic Bronco releases third album ‘Bull in a China Shop’

Atomic Bronco, an indie/alt rock sensation from Austin, Texas, is pushing the boundaries of music with their cutting-edge sound and a dash of retro flair. This one-man band, helmed by producer and songwriter Kyle Nuss, deftly blends indie, alternative, garage rock, lo-fi, and classic rock to create a sonic landscape that transcends genres.

After releasing several singles throughout the year, the DIY artist is finally ready to drop his much-awaited full-length album titled 'Bull in a China Shop.' This 11-track album is a tour de force of infectious melodies and anthemic choruses, striking a perfect balance between high-energy headbangers and soft, introspective offerings with thoughtful lyricism.

Nuss shares his thoughts on the album, "I believe the songs cover a broad range of topics and moods, but they all share a common energy and emphasis on sonic details. Most of these songs were written in a basement apartment in London, so I'm thrilled to finally present them to the world. I'm genuinely proud of this album and hope that the listeners will enjoy it as much as I did making it!"

Don't miss out on the electrifying sound of Atomic Bronco.

Listen to the full album below:


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