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Arky Waters Unleashes Tribute to Sydney's Techno Scene with 'Gum'

Australian newcomer Arky Waters is imposing his name in the electronic music scene with his unique blend of breakbeat/tech-house electronica. Having recently announced an upcoming EP and offering a sneak peek with the single 'Take My Time', Arky Waters returns with the second offering, 'Gum'. Released via Mammal Sounds Records, 'Gum' is a fast-paced techno track that serves as a tribute to the vibrant music scene in Sydney, Australia.

Arky Waters' music is a mesmerizing fusion that draws comparisons to the likes of Bicep, Overmono, and Godford. With a knack for crafting immersive soundscapes, Arky Waters has quickly become a name to watch in the electronic music realm. 'Gum' showcases his ability to blend breakbeat and tech-house elements, creating a sonic journey that takes listeners on a thrilling ride through pulsating beats and intricate electronic textures.

In a statement about the track, Arky Waters shares the inspiration behind 'Gum,' revealing that the song is a tribute to the post-COVID era when he immersed himself in the Sydney music scene. Despite going to events solo, Arky Waters found solace in the open and friendly communities at local raves hosted by crews like Illicit, Allfriends, Pulso, City Soup, and Motorik. The track is a sonic reflection of the diverse techno experiences he encountered during this period.

As Arky Waters continues to carve his niche in the electronic music landscape, 'Gum' stands as a thrilling testament to his ability to blend genres and create a memorable, immersive experience for listeners.


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