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Bass Bin Unveils Groundbreaking Platform 'Bass Bin Sessions' to Spotlight Emerging Talent

Brighton-based events company Bass Bin has long been celebrated for its dedication to championing DIY culture and hosting electrifying events across the UK and Europe. Now, they're taking their commitment to showcasing new and emerging talent to the next level with the launch of their innovative platform, 'Bass Bin Sessions.' 

Built around their popular YouTube channel and social media platforms, Bass Bin Sessions promises to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming artists through captivating live sessions. What sets these sessions apart is the unique signature sound system—a 12-volt wheelie bin sound system created in collaboration with Element 5 Sound Systems. Since its inception in November 2023, Bass Bin Sessions has been a platform for a diverse range of artists, offering viewers a rich tapestry of genres and styles.

With numerous sessions already under their belt, Bass Bin Sessions is just getting started. Artists or bands eager to showcase their talent are encouraged to register their interest by reaching out to As Bass Bin continues to push boundaries and support emerging artists, the future looks bright for both the platform and the artists it champions. Stay tuned for more exciting sessions and discoveries from Bass Bin Sessions.


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