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Benedict Sinister Drops New Remix: 'You Dance in the Club (Those Giants Remix)

In a fusion of poetry, electronica, and sheer creativity, the enigmatic French/Australian artist Benedict Sinister has unveiled his latest musical venture, "You Dance in the Club (Those Giants Remix)". Collaborating with Los Angeles-based DJ and artist Christian B, this lounge remix is the latest addition to their successful partnership, following the Number 8 UK Club Chart hit, "Going Away".

Produced by Christian B, "You Dance in the Club" is a rooftop lounge soundtrack that seamlessly blends classic electronica with Sinister's gruff spoken word poetry. The remix is based on Sinister's recent single, "Only Sixteen", showcasing a subtle infectiousness and enough rhythm to set the dancefloor ablaze.

Benedict Sinister, often hailed as "the Banksy of music" is a boundary-pushing artist known for concealing his identity and blending gruff spoken word poetry with lounge beats. Described as "Leonard Cohen warped into EDM in the coolest way possible" by Gigsoup, his work is a fusion of adult alternative and chill house, earning him praise as a revered musical veteran.

Christian B, a prominent figure in the electronic music scene, has hosted shows on MARS FMM and KIIS FM in Los Angeles. With a career spanning DJing clubs and warehouse parties since the age of 16, he has sold over 25 million records and amassed more than 150 million streams as a producer, writer, and remixer. Together, Sinister and Christian B have crafted a beautiful sound that resonates with audiences.

As we immerse ourselves in this latest release, we can't help but anticipate what intriguing musical ventures Benedict Sinister will embark upon next.


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