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Brooklyn Meets Australia: Houis, WEI & JVLY Collide in new single 'haze'

A transcontinental musical alliance has birthed a captivating sonic experience as Brooklyn-based artists Houis and WEI join forces with Australian artist JVLY in their latest collaborative single, 'haze'. Released under a haze of delicate pulsing beats, intricate production, and daydreamy vocal melodies, the track is a testament to the seamless collaboration of these three unique artists.

Houis, the visionary behind the project, shares his excitement about the collaboration: "I was introduced to William (WEI) through a mutual connection, and instantly drawn to his kindness, organic/neo-soul production style, and guitar abilities (the dude shreds). Not too long after, we became fast friends and hit the studio to write the instrumental for 'haze,' which will actually be my first in-person collab that I'm releasing!"

After crafting the instrumental, the duo sought out Australian artist JVLY, a name that had long been on Houis's bucket list of collaborators. The collaboration reached new heights as Kayle, aka JVLY, lent his vocals to the track, elevating 'haze' to a realm of dreamy sophistication.

WEI, sharing his perspective on the collaboration, recounts how he and Houis connected at a lo-fi festival in Brooklyn. United by their love for electronic soul, the duo intuitively built the instrumental for 'haze' in a local studio space. After adding their creative touches, they introduced JVLY to the mix, solidifying the trio's musical camaraderie. WEI expresses his excitement, stating, "I'm excited for everyone to hear the special joint we three made, and hope they'll be able to find new details and surprises upon each listen!"

JVLY adds his unique voice to the narrative, expressing his anticipation of working with Houis. Captivated by the dreamy and delicate sounds crafted by Houis and WEI, JVLY shares, "I love all the little details in Gabe and WIll’s production. I was really drawn to the dreamy and delicate sounds, but it had a drive to it at the same time." The result is a track that captures the elusive moment between being asleep and awake, reminiscent of the lingering feeling after a dream you weren't ready to leave.


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