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  • lauryverdoux

CatsMelvin’s ‘Seasick Circus’ is in Town

Based on the title alone, I sense that I am in store for one wild ride

with ‘Seasick Circus’. CatsMelvin did not disappoint on that matter as

this new album certainly stands out and packs a different kind of punch.

With elements of rock, CatsMelvin’s ‘Seasick Circus’ has a classic and

modern touch to go along with a rootsy & raw texture. Your ears will be

subjected to refreshing, unconventional measures with CatsMelvin being

your musical ringmaster of ‘Seasick Circus’.

Singer/songwriter and recording artist, Michael Amend is the brains

behind the creation of CatsMelvin. The backing band features an array

of guest musicians that help add an extra layer of depth to the 18-track

recording. ‘Seasick Circus’ originated in Boise, Idaho and the rest is

history for CatsMelvin. With themes of political and social issues in

our society, ‘Seasick Circus’ is highly relevant.

There are seven short installments on this album that are called “Steel

Interlude” and each piece brings a sense of mystique & mystery to the

‘Seasick Circus’. As soon as you hear the title track, the listener

realizes that “Seasick Circus” is in town and that it’s a zany, good

time. “Seasick Circus” is regurgitating an intoxicating mix of notes &

sounds that will entice your ears. Attention Tim Burton because I feel

“Seasick Circus” has that unique, fantastical vibe that might fit in

well to a potential movie score. Next, calling all “Casualties”, be on

the lookout for audible abnormalities & music mayhem as CatsMelvin

delivers a striking performance. It’s time to head up to the “Front Row

Seat” where one will enter a dream-like state where reality and fantasy


Prepare to take a peculiar and unsteady stroll “In The Woods” where

everything is unrefined & wildly rustic. “Rub”-A-Dub-Pub, CatsMelvin is

the hub of all things unnatural and where libations are flowing freely.

Get ready to prescribe to this audible medicine where musical zombies

are lining up for their daily dose of “Pharmaceuticals”. This song

provides a slow ‘n’ steady pace but with a vital message instilled in

the lyrics. “Pharmaceuticals” is timely material with note-poppin’

elements that are ready to be consumed by the masses. “Down and Out” is

quite the opposite with a swift tempo in place and one energetic set by

CatsMelvin. The “Ripple Effect” can be felt next where CatsMelvin is

playin’ on the edge and ridin’ a BIG sound wave. A “Singular” sensation

will penetrate your eardrums on track 15 as listeners will enjoy this

experience. It’s time to slow things down a bit and weigh in on these

“Scales” being played. By the end, CatsMelvin is putting it all on the

line with nothing to hide on “Things You’re Gonna Regret”.

There are absolutely no regrets when ‘Seasick Circus’ comes to a close

because CatsMelvin put on one hell of a show full of wonder and

surprise. Leaving the audience dumbfounded, ‘Seasick Circus’ rolled

into town and rolled out without a hitch. CatsMelvin proves that he is

the quintessential leader for ‘Seasick Circus’ and so now the show must

go on!



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