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CHKLZ Spreads 'Pawesomeness' Across the Globe

Comprised of DJ iLL Choppo and LeMarshawn Jean, CHKLZ is on a mission to spread joy and unity through their catchy sounds and electrifying performances. Inspired by a chance encounter with a small, white dog named Charlie, CHKLZ has quickly risen to prominence, earning acclaim for their unique blend of live instrumentation and electronic music.

From humble beginnings to international stardom, CHKLZ has been captivating audiences around the world. Indeed, a pivotal moment in their career came with their performance at Friendzy Fest 2023 in Canada. While they were supposed to play an early slot, a stroke of luck placed them in a prime nighttime performance slot. This serendipitous scheduling irreversibly catapulted CHKLZ into the limelight, significantly contributing to a surge in festival, out-of-state, and headliner bookings. The success of their performance led them to amplify their presence on the international scene.

Now, with a commitment to inclusivity and a dedication to creating a vibrant music community, CHKLZ invites fans and newcomers alike to join in on the 'Pawesomeness' that defines their journey.


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