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Darrin James Weaves a Tale of Love and Longing in "When You're With Me"

Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Darrin James has released his latest single, "When You're With Me." Hailing from Ann Arbor, USA, Darrin James is a musician, composer, and producer known for his distinctive gravelly voice, thought-provoking lyrics, soulful musicianship, and eclectic production style. His music beautifully marries the electric and gritty sounds of blues and rock with the acoustic, rootsy elements of Americana, creating a sonic experience that's both familiar and refreshingly original.

"When You're With Me" serves as a perfect embodiment of Darrin James' signature sound. It's an upbeat track that revolves around a heartfelt acoustic guitar riff, driving drums, and honky-tonk-inspired piano lines that complement Darrin James' gruff and soulful vocal performance. At first listen, it's a sweet alt-country love song that radiates warmth and positivity. However, as Darrin James himself reveals, there's more beneath the surface.

Speaking about the track, Darrin James explains, "When You're With Me is a sweet, upbeat alt-country love song, but below the surface, there is a sense of nostalgia and sadness and a sense that something has been lost." This depth and complexity in his songwriting elevate "When You're With Me" beyond the realm of typical love songs, infusing it with a bittersweet quality that lingers in the heart.


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