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Depression, Baby's New Single 'Too Sick': A Heartfelt Dive into Mental Health"

London-based Indie-Alt-Rock sensation, Depression, Baby, is back with an emotionally charged single that dives deep into the complexities of mental health. Their latest release, "Too Sick", not only showcases their distinctive sound but also shines a light on the often unspoken struggles of dealing with mental health issues within relationships. As they continue to make waves in the music scene, this latest offering promises to be yet another milestone in their impressive journey.

Produced by Ben Beheshty, known for his work with artists like Nilufer Yanya and Blanco White, "Too Sick" boasts a captivating indie soundscape infused with a subtle sense of melancholy. The track features layers of crunchy guitar tones, driving drums, and a grounding bassline, drawing comparisons to the likes of The Strokes. The vocals, delivered with an effortlessly cool demeanor, provide an earworm central hook that's impossible to ignore.

The song delves into the profound pain of grappling with mental health issues and the toll it can take on one's relationships. The lyrics depict the feeling of letting down a partner in a relationship due to the overwhelming struggle with mental health. It's a topic that often remains unexplored in music, making Depression, Baby's decision to address it all the more commendable.

The band members explain, "Seeing yourself lose the battle with mental health and it affecting people you love is a pain like no other. You’re already suffering, and now you feel like you’re dragging them down with you." This candid exploration of such a challenging theme adds depth and authenticity to their music.

Depression, Baby's approach to songwriting is unique; they balance their heavy lyrical themes with high-energy instrumentals. This juxtaposition, akin to the two-house meme (one pink for the vibe of the song and one black for the subject matter), provides listeners with a sense of solidarity in dealing with these themes without exacerbating those feelings. It's a refreshing approach, offering solace while acknowledging the gravity of the subject matter.


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