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Dive into the Eclectic Soundscape of 44 Ardent's 'leo' LP

Australian artist Callan Alexander, known as cln, has been crafting his own sonic universe through his indie-dance/house project, 44 Ardent. The latest release, "v44 Ardent - leo (LP)", marks a significant milestone in this musical journey. Released under Mammal Sounds Records, "leo" is a 14-track album that encapsulates the diverse range of electronic genres and styles explored by Callan throughout the past year.

Originally conceived in 2018 as a secret and anonymous side project, 44 Ardent served as a clandestine outlet for Callan to continue producing electronic and dance-focused music while cln ventured into the alternative indie/pop realm. However, secrets are hard to keep, and as the project gained momentum, Callan decided to unveil the mystery behind 44 Ardent.

I created this project as more of an electronic outlet as cln has shifted a little bit more into the indie world. Electronic music has always been my favorite type of music to make, as you have total creative freedom. I was making so many songs that couldn’t really be released under cln, and I needed to find a place to put them. 44 Ardent is that place,” explains Callan Alexander.

Since its inception, 44 Ardent has taken on a life of its own, evolving beyond its initial purpose. Callan is now thrilled to share this project with his extensive network of friends and fans, recognizing its unique identity and the creative freedom it provides.

With six exceptional singles released in 2023, "leo" is the culmination of Callan's exploration into various electronic music genres and styles. The album reflects a deliberate approach to music production, mirroring the creative process of renowned producers who focus on generating numerous ideas before refining and finalizing the best ones.

Callan shares his creative philosophy behind "leo": "There is a real mix of genres and styles, as I’ve tried not to corner myself into any particular sound. I hope to keep releasing lots of music under this alias and am very grateful to my manager Jez for believing in the project and pushing it forward. Thank you for listening xx."



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