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Electronica Ear Candy: Jonny Spalding’s Mixtape ‘Community’

Co-founder and main songwriter for London's 2-Tone/Reggae outfit, The Kubricks, Jonny Spalding embarks on his solo project with his debut mixtape 'Community', out now...

Jam-packed from start to finish with moments of ear candy for listeners of all sensibilities, you're sure to find something for you within this mixtape. The whole ethos of this smooth collection of songs is also one we're really into - the fact that this celebrates a collaborative approach to music-making, in the spirit of hip-hop, is something quite rare to find. We love the variety of tracks too; how on the one hand there's something trap-inspired, and the next, something dancey, or soulful.

All in all, you're sure to love the journey from the opening banger 'Therapy' with its ever-current theme, through the heartache of 'Break Me' and our personal favourite 'Hole In My Heart' which is a truly awesome club-inspired track that has wanting to put on our dancing shoes rightaway. A special treat for the ears is the Interlude, featuring Freddie Gavita. It's inspired musical arrangement is something to savour - with it's jazzy, brooding meanderings...

Stream this truly awesome mixtape right here:

Find out more about Jonny Spalding: INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | SPOTIFY


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