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Get To Know: Captivating British Singer-songwriter Paul Middleton

Paul Middleton is a British singer living in Germany. Paul's voice has been called "stunning" and with his warm and relaxing vocals he has captured many a listener's ear. He became an independent artist seven years ago, and through word of mouth he has toured the world and building a fan bases of loyal listeners. Paul is also an advocate for mental health. After losing his mother to cancer at the age of 15, he also supports various charities including Cancer Research. Let's get chatting to Paul exclusively here on CFM...

So firstly, how would you describe your sound?

I'm a versatile kind of guy that can create a warm, gentle tone which suits ballads but I also have that commercial sound for the dance side. I love both spectrums of pop from soft to fun and hard.

What’s a typical day in the studio like for you?

I did a video about this for my Patreon community. I warm up for about 45 minutes with exercises and warm water sometimes with honey and lemon in. I create a very intimate environment and focus on delivering the best vocal I can on the day.

Who are your three biggest musical inspirations?

This is really tough because I draw more from songs rather than a person. If I was to name it would Max Martin who is a genius songwriter and producer- he has made some of my favourite songs ever mostly from the 90s and he has kept relevant even today. P!nk has crept into my heart through out the years, I saw her in concert and I just love how real she is- she deserves all of her success and more. It has been great to watch her grow. I would say from my youth Abba was played a lot on my house- again infectious pop.

Who is the best artist you've ever seen play live?

'Take That' put on such a visual show. 'The Circus' tour is the best show I have ever been to. They were influenced by Cirque Du Solei and brought in circus performers and built the show around their album. They had a huge mechanical elephant that marched through the stadium operated by the dancers and performers. Who doesn't love a big trunk swinging in the air? They also have a great catalogue of pop songs where everyone just sang along to.

What’s the toughest part of the industry for you?

I struggle to keep making music because the cost of putting it all together: production, vocals, video, advertising and promotion far exceeds what you get back. It can effect my mental health massively. There is also a lot of social media noise out there to cut through, so it is even harder for indie artists.

What’s the most enjoyable part of the industry?

Connecting with fans and supporters. Watching someone resonate and love what you create. I have a Patreon community who have been a lifeboat and I get to make music for them and no one else.

What’s in store for you for the rest of 2021?

Covers 4- my next album coming in the autumn. Then a Christmas EP and then next year will be more music and finally writing my own music.

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