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Get To Know: Music Producer Majik System

Producer, songwriter Majik System from London,UK joins forces in Spain with PauByChance and Junnse for a brand new track “El Mito (Cuarentena). Unable to travel during the pandemic the team managed to pull off this amazing Masterpiece with the official LYRICS VIDEO too. Make sure to check it out! First though, let's chat to this talented upcoming artist and producer...

What are the main themes of your songs?

- It’s a summer vibe

- Encouraging song

- Motivation words

When did you first get into music production?

I start producing at the age of 16, but didn’t take it serious until I was 18 when I start working along side with few up and coming artist, that’s when I saw my potential.

Tell us about your latest release El mito.

El mito is a fun, catchy, encouraging song that talks about finding your motivation, inspiration during though time (in this case was the world pandemic- COVID-19).

The message was to keep fighting for what you love, believe and dream. Bad things always end.

Who is your single biggest inspiration for writing music?

Definitely my family, coming from a family who love music and have also my younger brother be a producer and sound engineer, it made it easier to come up with a theme. El mito (The myth, legend) was inspired by my own life. After years working behind the scene of music, it felt also a myth to release my first single.

Your music doesn’t fit neatly in a box does it - if you had to describe the genre what would you say?

I did describe my music as uncommon music as there’s always a mixture of genres. However i would call it AfroRitmo, Commercial

Do you sing in the shower?

I usually play my own songs and pretend to perform live (so I do stay in the shower for hours)

Is music your therapy?

Yes, but I believe MUSIC itself is therapeutic

What’s your tipple of choice?

I like whiskey, always double with one rock of ice.

Any parting words?

“Believe in your craft, and no matter how long it take, just believe that it will happen. Don’t loose focus.” Make sure you subscribe to Damage Record YouTube page and follow us @damagerecord_wm and @majik_system

Stream the latest single:


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