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Get To Know: Talented Rapper Challenga

We chat to the all mighty Challenga! Challenga's latest E.P L.O.L demonstrates his lyrical skills (Art of Bars) through wordplay along with references of his Asian culture (William Hung). While showcasing his true identity and passion with cannabis, (Canaba , Kush High) each song fits a certain category for the wider audience. Challenga recently released his newest EP LMAO Vol. 2...

Who is Challenga?

Asian American / Canadian rapper originally from New York, and raised in many cities including Hong Kong, Brooklyn, Oakland, Los Angeles and finally settled in Vancouver, B.C.

What's the music scene like in Vancouver B.C, where you're based?

I was able to find Paranoyd Recording Studio out in Port Moody, where I recorded all my music thus far. I am still in the process of meeting and working with people. I think it's good where it's at, but it's still developing and I definitely want to collaborate with more artists to create that process.

For someone who has never heard of your music, which song of yours is the best introduction in your opinion?

Kush High - off my first E.P Lust On Loud, LOL. i shot a music video for it and it's on Youtube.

If you could be the main support for any living artist , who would that be for and why?

I am a very big fan of Snoop Dogg, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Russ, the list goes on. However, it is deeper than music and just being a fan of these legends. Right now with all the Asian hate crimes going on , I would love to be the main support for China Mac, I want to use my platform as an Asian rapper to voice out the awareness and to stand up for my community. #StopAsianHate

Which artist have you been listening to during all these lockdowns?

Back and forth between Nas and Nipsey Hussle, a bit of E40 and 2 Chain.

What can we expect for the rest of the year from you?

I got a few songs on the way along with a special collaboration, and the singles will be off my next EP LMAO vol. 3.

What's the meaning behind your latest release, your EP LMAO vol.2?

It is an acronym and a play on words, LOL and LMAO are often used in funny conversations as a comment meaning Laugh Out Loud or Laugh My Ass Off. I took these phrases and made my own versions of it as my EP. (also influenced from J.Cole's album KOD, i made LOL. LMAO vol1. , LMAO vol.2 and self -marketing!)

My first EP LOL- Lust On Loud , Lust as in sex and Loud as a slang term for marijuana. All the songs on that EP are sexually explicit and related to Cannabis. It's Hip Hop, it's creative, it's also funny which will make you laugh with songs such as WIlliam Hung (music video on Vevo). I want my listeners to think can i take Challenga serious even though his songs are funny ? or is he that talented as an artist and we should take him seriously ? Is life a joke or serious? It's both, and as life gets funnier or more serious, you might be literally laughing your ass off which is when people usually say LMAO. I continue to make my next EP . LMAO Vol,1- "Life Moves Around Opportunity" to show the more serious and hungry side of Challenga. Now finally, Challenga takes it to the next level with this EP LMAO Vol. 2 which stands for "Label Me As Original" and the song " Label Me As Original "off this EP was also produced by me. Not only did I rap, I actually produced the beat this time and made the art cover myself, I want to give my fans and listeners more of an original production by me. Vol. 3 and 4 on the way!!!

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