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Ian Janco Releases Stunning New EP ‘Rapture’

London based singer-songwriter IAN JANCO is an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve and writes about personally poignant subject matters. From heartbreak to loss and isolation to healing, JANCO leaves no emotional stone unturned and his latest EP ‘RAPTURE’ is no exception.

Listen to Ian Janco's new EP 'Rapture' here:

Originally born out of rural Idaho, this is where the roots of the EP truly begin. Growing up in a rural setting where you are surrounded and suffocated by nothing but life's events and the emotions they generate is a theme that fueled this EP on all cylinders. Opener ‘INTRO (BIRDSONG)’ is an obscure and cinematic instrumental introduction track, which combines birdsong with violins, piano notes and a distorted production style, one which makes for a mind boggling track.

Single ‘SOMETHING NEW’ is up next, which encapsulates the slow process of healing from heartbreak against a backdrop of americana and pop melodies, one that is bound to get stuck in your head.

Next is the EP main track ‘LONG WAY DOWN’, a track chosen for this feature because it walks that line between melancholia and hope, the two key themes found throughout ‘RAPTURE’.

On the following songs, including ‘CASTAWAY’ and ‘BRIGHTER DAY’, there is slight glimmers of hope being offered amongst the darkness, ‘CASTAWAY’ acting as the storm before the rain clouds clear for a sunny setting on ‘BRIGHTER DAY’.

The EP’s title-track ‘RAPTURE’ is last. It’s a more lofi recording with raw acoustic strums and minimalist stripped back elements, over which the artist’s reverberated voice expresses sincere vulnerability.

All in all ‘RAPTURE’ by IAN JANCO is an emotional rollercoaster, full of upsetting twist, but one that finally turns the corner and leaves you on an optimistic and hopeful note.



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