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Introducing: Fr0di Entertainment

Fr0di Entertainment is an upcoming T-shirt brand and Entertainment company founded by Francis Lukoki, Based out of Seattle, Wa. Fr0di focuses on promoting, investing and marketing underground talent in the Seattle, Wa area and soon nationally on a global level. We chat exclusively to founder Francis Lukoki...

Fr0di focuses on investing marketing & promoting underground talent. It was founded by Francis Lukoki and his cousin Glody Bonshe around 2012. Fr0dis’ end goal is to get their clients notice to major modelling agencies and major record labels. Fr0di limited edition shirts start at $15.

Francis Lukoki

Lukoki explains about himself and the company:

"My name is Francis Lukoki, I’m from Seattle, Wa but originally was born in Africa. The Democratic Republic of the Congo. I came into the u.s when I was 4 years old. I started Fr0di entertainment with my cousin Glody. It started out as a dance group with Just me and him then I kinda too initiative to make it bigger then what it is. Plus I started designing shirts sophomore to junior year in high school."
Founder of Fr0di, Francis Lukoki

Alternatively, check out the Linktree right HERE


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