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Karl McCann Releases EP Carbon Copy

Alternative indie artist from Liverpool, Karl McCann releases his first set of work of 2022, Carbon Copy.

Set out for the world to hear on the 9th of January, this EP consists of four tracks, two of which are solo pieces, whilst the remaining two include exciting collaborations. Gwen Frosi and her glorious vocals are showcased on the opening track, You Don’t Really Care About Us, as Nerissa Waters sings on third track, Apparition Zone.

Being an acoustically based EP, McCann leans very much into the melancholy nuances of folk music, creating an overall, somber, and solemn feeling for the EP. Although, in the final track, Mimic, the production shows to have built up, as we hear subtly embedded percussive elements, providing an enjoyable groove for the listener to get into.

The lyrics throughout the EP convey a certain narrative that explore duality of human nature – I assume, taken the title of the two tracks Carbon Copy and Mimic. This is something I would love to know more about, given the chance to talk to Karl McCann himself. As he sings the lyrics:

‘Because I do like, but you're just a carbon copy of me.’

To have a listen for yourself, you can find the EP on Spotify, Bandcamp and other streaming platforms:

To find Karl McCann on socials, here are the relevant platforms:


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