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Kyle Burnett Releases Two New Tracks: Harper Lee and Decatur

Released on the 31st of December 2021, Harper Lee and Decatur are the two latest tracks from Santa Rosa based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Kyle Burnett.

As an experienced adventurer, travelling the globe, visiting the lands of Ireland to France and to Japan and more, Burnett has absorbed the musical culture that makes those places so special into his own art. Cultivating a sonic hybrid of wholesome folk, blues and hints of rock, his music feels safe and warm to listen to.

Harper Lee, a song inspired by the book To Kill A Mockingbird, hence the title of the track being of the authors name, is a piece that joins together the talent of Burnett’s musical friends: Alania Joleen, Angelo Gonzalez, Leona Bornemann and Katja Sonnen. The song opens with light and calming bird noises, which transcends the listener to a clear space of mind. The songs’ delight really comes from the hearty harmonica and the distant ukulele that weaves throughout.

Decatur feels more upbeat, although Burnett's vocals remain rich and low throughout, sounding very much reminiscent of Nick Cave, who provided us with the slick soundtrack to the hit TV show, Peaky Blinders. The (almost) seven-minute-long track serves midway an electric guitar solo, which then acts as the melodic vehicle for the rest of the song. Expressed by Kyle Burnett himself, this track symbolises trying to break free from the chains that are holding you back and the suffocating feeling of needing to get away from what you have always known: home. Providing all the vocals and instrumentation in this track, Burnett no doubt really highlights his talent as a musician.

Expected for imminent release, Burnett's album is titled Alabama: From Clover To Crimson.

Meanwhile, you can now stream Harper Lee and Decatur on Spotify NOW.

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