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La’Key Takes Us All To A ‘Higher Place’

Here at CFM in the UK, it’s always a pleasure to feature artists from further afield. Today we share with you the wonderful artist La’Key (aka The SoulChild), a native of Alabama, United States.

LA’Key has recently released her debut EP ‘How It Feels’, a collection of four songs each derived from a personal place deep within La’Key’s life experiences. It is a wonderful journey through the kaleidoscope of human emotions. A free spirit at heart, La’Key is an artist who has chosen music as her means of communication and as a way of opening up the eyes and hearts of others. It is the art form that comes most naturally to her. Growing up, La’Key always had a passion for music even as a child. Music well and truly runs deep in her veins. As a mother of two beautiful children, La’Key understands the hardships in life that are sometimes thrown your way.

Track Breakdown: 'Higher Place'

A stand-out track off the EP has to be 'Higher Place'. With her very descriptive lyrics, we are instantly drawn into the scene: ‘It’s a hot summer day and I’m sitting in my one bedroom’. This is a song about being frustrated at people trying to dictate how you should live your life. Moreover, it's about dreaming of being free in a higher place, of being unafraid to take risks, being yourself and living by your own rules. The track is made up of polished hiphop production with a mellow and vibey rhythm section. The music has a touch of neo-soul, including subtle shades of melodic synth here and there.

On the one hand we can really hear the angst in this song, with its very candid lyrics, yet at the same time this contrasts beautifully with the rather minimal production, making it a track that’s easy-listening. La’Key’s singing voice includes luscious harmonies and backing vocals which emphasise her message all the more and give life to the ‘Higher Place’ being imagined. She’s got us dreaming too…

So come on this journey with La'Key. Stream and download the full EP on all digital platforms right here:

Follow La’Key on Instagram HERE


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