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Leonardo Barbadoro Conducts World’s Largest Robotic Orchestra in 'Bomi' Single Release

Leonardo Barbadoro, the experimental composer renowned for pushing the boundaries of music, has made headlines with his groundbreaking project, Musica Automata. This innovative endeavor features the world's largest robotic orchestra and challenges conventional notions of music and artistry. Barbadoro recently unveiled his latest creation, the 'Bomi' single and video, offering a glimpse into the unique and unconventional world of Musica Automata. With the Musica Automata album released on November 3rd, Barbadoro invites us to explore a realm where technology and artistry seamlessly coexist.

On September 22, 2023, Leonardo Barbadoro introduced the world to 'Bomi', a captivating single that represents the epitome of Musica Automata's ingenuity. 'Bomi' is not your average music track; it is the product of an orchestra comprised entirely of robots. The ensemble of musical robots utilized in Musica Automata includes a wide array of classical instruments, such as percussion, woodwind, brass, and organ, alongside unconventional instruments, making it the largest robotic orchestra ever assembled.

'Bomi' features a remarkable mix of acoustic sound sources, with pipe organs, pianos, and bells forming the core of the composition. As the gentle rhythm of tambourines and castanets keeps the beat, arpeggios and sporadic melodies weave in and out, creating a rich and dynamic auditory experience. What sets 'Bomi' apart is that every aspect of the performance, from dynamics to sound envelope, is programmed by Leonardo Barbadoro himself, without human touch, showcasing the true potential of robotic music.

Leonardo Barbadoro's journey into the world of Musica Automata began with his early fascination with music. Stealing audio tapes from his older brother as a child, he quickly became entranced by synthesizers and guitar, leading him to play in local bands. His passion for composition and electronic music led him to the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence, where he earned a degree in "Music and New Technologies". Under the alias Koolmorf Widesen, he made a mark in the European electronic and rave scene.

However, it was his collaboration with the Logos Foundation in Ghent, Belgium, that birthed the Musica Automata project. Comprising an ensemble of automated instruments controlled entirely by digital impulses, this unique orchestra encompasses a vast range of classical and unconventional instruments. Musica Automata is a true testament to human creativity as it breaks barriers and blurs the lines between technology and art.

In a world where technology and artistry often stand on opposite sides of the spectrum, Leonardo Barbadoro has masterfully merged the two, giving birth to a musical revolution that defies convention and expands the horizons of our auditory experiences. Musica Automata is not merely a composition; it's a sensory reality where music is brought to life through the digital impulses of robots, guided by the hands of a visionary composer.


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