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Les Fradkin Delivers ‘Reality-The Rock Opera’

This new album release from Les Fradkin is literally 20 years in the

making as ‘Reality-The Rock Opera’ was originally written, recorded, and

released back in 2003 bringing light to all of the events we are

witnessing today. The material on this record is spot on and directly

relates to the current times. I’m starting to believe that Les Fradkin

can predict the future because the foresight on ‘Reality-The Rock Opera’

is simply incredible.

Les Fradkin is a successful producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist &

vocalist, and he is the pioneer of MIDI guitar. The words and music are

by Les Fradkin and Loretta Fradkin and ‘Reality-The Rock Opera’ was also

produced by Les & Loretta Fradkin. The album features Les Fradkin on

lead & background vocals, 12 string bass, piano, guitars, organ, guitar

synthesizer, mellotron, and Roland V-drums, Loretta Fradkin on

background vocals along with Amber Gomez & Keri Smith Salazar on

background vocals on the track “Together”. Les combines elements of

symphonic/classical, progressive, and pop rock on ‘Reality-The Rock

Opera’ to make up one intriguing record. With 15 tracks on this album,

‘Reality-The Rock Opera’ will awaken your senses and the truth just may

set you free.

The record kicks off with “Overture” that offers a wonderful arrangement

and pleasing melody. Next, you will hear a masterful production &

delivery by Les Fradkin on “Reality”. Get ready for a magical sound

that draws you in on the following song called “Magic Attic”. Excellent

orchestration and enticing vocals surround you on “Magic Attic” where I

even picked up on an Electric Light Orchestra influence. Track four,

“You Can’t Change Me”, provides strong words and a stronger presence

where Les emphasizes that you can “change everything, but you can’t

change me”. Appealing music and an inviting tone can be heard on “25

Women, So Little Time” and “Reality Idol” will spark your interests &

curiosity as one catchy tune. Track seven, “It’s Plastic” brings a bit

of the island atmosphere to you while also bringing attention to the

harmful effects of credit cards. With lines like “plastic buys

fantastic” AND “just one problem, it isn’t free”, helps one come to the

realization that purchasing goods comes with a price and that buying

happiness doesn’t add up. So…will it be cash or charge? (Choose

Wisely!) Next, we understand that we’re “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” as

Les supplies powerful, dramatic effects. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” is

musically rich and well-designed as the audience enjoys this moment in

time. “Everything Is Wrong” is an ear-opener that contains relevant

lyrics like “false hope hearts” …”but nothing’s really right” and you

might be asking yourself if we are heading in the right direction.

Track 10, “Obsolete”, is captivating from the start and just a brilliant

composition that will have you deep in thought about how “our world is

incomplete”. “Obsolete” is a literal curtain call because even though

it’s always been said that the show must go on, it may become “Obsolete”

one day. The following number speaks volumes musically, lyrically, and

vocally as “Rehearsals for Retirement” is both melodic and meaningful.

Les dares to ask “who’s gonna take care of me” as he plays on with

“Rehearsals for Retirement”. Prepare for a “Reality Check” next that is

short but sweet and then get ready to head into “System Crash” where Les

Fradkin is shutting it all down with glorious instrumentation. Track

14, “The Rebirth of Hope”, really hits you inside and makes you realize

what’s truly important in this life. “The Rebirth of Hope” contains a

wonderful arrangement and even without words, this song has a huge

impact on the listener. It’s an absolutely perfect ending for Les

Fradkin and very fitting where it all comes down to working “Together”.

This song will fill your soul with hope where you hear “our day will

come” AND “we’ll all be 1 one day”. “Together” we are stronger, so it’s

time for ALL of US to stand tall and move forward as ONE.

Not only is ‘Reality-The Rock Opera’ an enjoyable listen but is also an

enlightening experience. This album may have been written 20 years ago

but it’s the ideal script for today. Les Fradkin may have predicted the

future here, but he also provided US with an important soundtrack to

life as we know it. Mixing classical, progressive rock and pop rock,

Les Fradkin unites US ALL with ‘Reality-The Rock Opera’.

There is no better time than NOW to listen to ‘Reality-The Rock Opera’

and it just may change your whole perspective on current matters.


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