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Les Fradkin Releases Holiday Single 'Say You Love Me For Christmas'

Les Fradkin’s 22 solo releases and counting testify to his enduring

ability to conjure musical magic for listeners. Moreover, his long

history dating back to his time as an original cast member of the

Broadway musical Beatlemania testifies to his diversity. Decades into

his career, however, doesn’t mean he’s showing any signs of slowing down

and the years haven’t dulled his creativity. If you are looking for

evidence of that ongoing creativity, look no further than his new single

“Say You Love Me for Christmas”.

Yuletide songs are a long standing tradition in the music world dating

back far before Les Fradkin ever picked up a musical instrument. Many

are stilted, overwrought manufactured tracks bereft of any true

sentiment. Fradkin, however, touches listeners immediately with his

unvarnished and unquestioned sincerity. The song’s beguiling melody

captures you within a few notes. It flows easy, never pushes on the

listener, and the song’s changes come naturally.

Links to listen:

YouTube Video:

The verses are full of Christmas charm, but the greatest payoff for the

listener comes with the song’s chorus. Fradkin’s climatic line is the

one that will truly bring a smile to all but the most jaded of

listeners. The song’s instrumentation is a one man band production from

Fradkin, but it doesn’t come off that way. Instead, it strikes listeners

as a near full band production guided by Fradkin’s guitar synth playing.

It isn’t an instrument that many guitar players employ and some decry

the difference in sound between synth guitar and the traditional

six-string. In Fradkin’s hands, however, the instrument has all of the

naturalness that you would expect from traditional guitar. His playing

boasts a gentle fluidity that carries the track’s melody. There’s no

traditional bridge in the song carried by lyrics, but he carries the

song through a short instrumental break that puts a beautiful

exclamation point on the release. We hear a final refrain that sparkles

with the same Xmas beauty present throughout the early portion of the


Les Fradkin’s “Say You Love Me For Christmas” is one of the best

Christmas tracks in recent memory. It illustrates Fradkin’s true love

for the holiday season without any of the garish ornamentation that

lesser performers embrace. He’s an underrated treasure for the music

world who continues to pursue his Muse with the same fervor that’s

defined his musical journey up to this point. Long may he continue to

write, play, and create. We’re better off with him in our musical



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