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Logan Alexandra's "Wait...": A Burst of Relatable Indie Pop

Logan Alexandra, the 24-year-old indie/bedroom pop sensation from the US, is back to captivate the music scene once again with her latest release, "Wait...". With an already impressive presence in the industry and a devoted following of over 800,000 fans across social media platforms, Logan is on the path to making an even greater impact.

Logan Alexandra's music journey has been marked by viral mashups and parody choir videos, with one of her YouTube videos amassing an incredible 29 million views. Her music resonates deeply with listeners due to its authenticity, relatable lyrics, and irresistibly infectious melodies.

"Wait..." is a delightful addition to Logan's already impressive discography, showcasing a fusion of pop, indie pop, and bedroom pop elements that beautifully convey themes of love and self-discovery. The track's lyrics delve into the humorous yet poignant realization of not understanding how someone could love you, despite their numerous displays of affection.

In her own words, Logan Alexandra shares the essence of the song: "Sometimes we make ourselves believe we are unlovable. So much so that we can't see the love right in front of us. That's what this song is about—the internal battle of allowing yourself to be loved."

Watch Logan Alexandra ‘Wait…’:


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