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Manu Francois Unveils Entrancing New Album 'Humanity'

This November, Manu Francois gifts us with his entrancing new folk album, 'Humanity'. Caribbean-born, New Zealand based, Manu is a mixed-genre artist who produces all of his own works. Whilst he has crafted music in many styles (including Pop, Rap, EDM and Metal) his real passion is for acoustic music that is beautiful in its simplicity and rawness. 'Humanity' is sure to soothe and uplift you...

Manu's own unique fusion of folk makes for an unforgettable listening experience. It truly is that, Manu's music; an experience. These songs are tales woven through intricate musical arrangement. Stories of lives well-lived and in flux, at ease and on the road, alone and with lovers. The twists and turns of Manu's music are rooted in his rich musical self-education. Manu’s vocal is soothing and his lyrics are soul-warming yet thought-provoking.

First track 'No Other Home' is a intimate and candid portrayal of feeling content and grateful for the current gifts life has bestowed. It has an element of fun and joyfulness with its melodic guitar and uptempo feel. The title track 'Humanity' takes a darker twist, with its minor chords and portrayal of unity through human pain. One thinks to Bob Marley's 'Redemption Song'.

Manu explains the origins of this remarkable body of work:

"This is my gift to the listening world. Not made for fame or fortune, but to express the colours of my heart and mind. This album was entirely written and recorded in 10 days after receiving this guitar as a gift from my Fiancé for my birthday. It just seemed to flow out of me. It is the product of pressure, pain and gratitude and is birthed from a necessity to express my true self."

'Sing On' is sure to soothe your mind and soul, with its quirky guitar playing and warm backing vocals. A personal favourite at CFM has to be the playful track 'Roads' which is full of nostalgia, with an unusual twist midway through. 'Life Is Here' takes a more classical approach to guitar-playing and truly steals the show - it reminds us a little of Nick Cave. It's beautiful bird song reminds us to take a moment to ourselves. This is an album that has the ability to heal you as you listen, and for that we are grateful for Manu's gift.

There are three videos to go alongside the album too, which you can enjoy right here. This first video for the album's opening track is a charming pencil drawing animation that is sure to warm your heart...

Enjoy the poignant darker edge of the video for 'Humanity'...

'Sing On' is grounded in the beauty of nature...

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