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No Serial Killer causing a stir with a new album and a fantastic single: Delight Of My Life

English recording artist No Serial Killer is a true creative prodigy. Recently, he dropped a studio album featuring 88 songs, which is a staggering amount of great music! It is always great to see artists being able to channel their productivity and offer so much amazing music to their audience, and his record is filled with different influences and so many ideas, making his sound stand out. The album also features a song named “Delight Of My Life.” This track happens to be the project’s first-ever synth based song, highlighting No Serial Killer’s willingness to always break boundaries and explore new sonic territories with every release. Well, it is safe to say that the experiment paid off big time, because the song is really outstanding and it provides the audience with a truly limitless amount of creativity when you consider No Serial Killer’s extremely diverse creative output and offering!

Find out more about No Serial Killer, and check out the artist’s outstanding original music on his Bandcamp account; including the stunning single “Delight Of My Life.”


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