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No Serial Killer's Album Is A Showstopper

Enigmatic UK-based artist No Serial Killer has a show-stopping album out now, which comprises of an astonishing 37 tracks. Each single has its own intro and outro; there is so much to immerse yourself in! Join us as we delve a little deeper and pick out our personal highlights from the album...

No Serial Killer is a music concept designed to eliminate murder from society. The artist, based in Nottingham, England, wrote all of the songs. They play the piano like a bass guitar in the songs, which they aptly call 'Bass Piano'. What's more, they are entirely self-taught in piano and songwriting.

'Sleepless' is a catchy rhythmic track with rich female vocals about staying away from fighting. Waltzing piano has you swaying to the groove, as the sauntering drums hold it all together. Gorgeous early-Fleetwood Mac style guitar is also a stand-out part of this song. 'The Sweetest Cyborg' has a touch of rockabilly to it, with it's 60s style piano and guitar groove. There's something quite musical-like in its quality too, as is the case with much of the material on the album. We feel that this group really need to bring this to a stage! Once more, a powerful female voice will entrance you. We can hear the emotion in the singing, and the lyrics are really narrative and descriptive; speaking of love and being drawn to a special someone: 'I can't stop thinking about you. Cos there's not much else I can do.'

'So Alive' is a song which grabbed our attention from the get-go, with its haunting and distorted experimental piano sound on loop. 'Big Mistake' is full of more signature rich guitar and piano melodies, with a very dramatic and urgent feel about it. Our personal favourite track is 'Summer' with its soothing vibe and lullaby-quality.

Interestingly, most of the musicians involved with this project are from North America. The entire album was done online, the musicians have never met each other! Nonetheless, this hasn't held them back in anyway - their music has appeared on BBC Radio, in a horror short movie and in over 40 radio shows in recent months!

You can stream the album right here:

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