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Nova Rose Offers Sophomore Self-Titled EP ‘nova rose’

The much-awaited release of Canadian singer-songwriter Nova Rose's sophomore self-titled EP marks her comeback after leaving a lasting impact with her brilliant debut EP. Heartfelt lyrics and entrancing melodies abound in this engaging collection of tracks that deftly blend violin and dark pop sounds to immerse listeners in a world of unforgettable soundscapes.

After rekindling her love for the violin, Nova Rose recently posted about her journey on TikTok, where her songwriting and violin content has received over a million views. Her lately discovered enthusiasm for the violin is now combined with her songwriting and singing. With over half a million streaming across several platforms and radio broadcasts, this classically trained violinist and singer has amassed a devoted following with ease.

From denial to acceptance, the self-titled EP depicts every phase of breakup agony. Nova Rose takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster with her delicate lyrics and poignant music. She talks about her personal journey of recovery and suffering. Each song reflects a distinct stage of the journey, from the initial shock to rediscovering optimism.

FACTOR is a private non-profit organisation that supports the expansion and advancement of the Canadian music industry. Nova Rose has received sponsorship from this organisation. With a growing body of press attention from publications including PM Studio, Sweety High, Canadian Beats, Buzz Music, Lefuturewave, OcchiMagazine, and Radio Canada, Nova Rose has established herself as a promising new musical artist.

Speaking on the EP, Nova Rose comments, "This EP stays authentic to who I am as an artist. I hope it speaks to listeners and helps them feel understood during tough times."


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