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'Orange Purple Skies': The Colourful New Album from Niels H

Hailing from the historic city of Hasselt, Belgium, Niels H is a talented musician who's influences include the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, and Paramore. He has released 3 albums already and is consistently working on new music. 'Orange Purple Skies' is his latest album release, which dropped this May. Let's take a closer look and share our favourite tracks too...

Playing in several bands, Niels’ music can be described as psychedelic, classic rock, punk, funk, funk rock, and rock - truly a multi-genre musician. Wanting to expand his reach and engage in virtual musical collabs, Niels is a polymath with an eclectic style and he enjoys Gibson guitars and writing original songs. This latest release 'Orange Purple Skies' is a truly brilliant album. Opening track 'Better Alone' has a stand-out vocal and infectious rock guitar and bassline. Get well and truly immersed in the world of Niels with second track 'All You've Got' as you hear his ability to craft catchy tracks that will stay with you long after hearing. There's also beautiful vocal arrangement in this, with brilliant, warm backing vocals too.

The titular track 'Orange Purple Skies' has a fantastic riff that is sure to get you moving. A slight psychedelic sound in the distorted guitar can be heard in places, as well as a classic rock feel in the groove. We also love the track 'Turn Around' which will have your body swaying to the the rhythm; the drums on this stand out as super powerful, as does the way the vocal and guitar follow each other. 'Space In Between' definitely has hints of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and it's theme is super narrative; about a longing to be with the one you love for the long-term.

'Wonderland' takes it up a notch, with an interesting synth part too adding a new edge to the track that isn't heard much elsewhere on the album. This one is full of attitude, with the swag in the funk bassline and the melodic rock guitar hooks once more stirring your soul. In keeping with it name 'Vampire' has a slight darkness to it, and is full of suspense. For the real rock lovers out there, you'll love 'The Otherside' which is full of grit and feel; it doesn't hold back. Closing track 'Breathe' has a bluesy feel to it and leaves you with the signature blend of genres that Niels crafts so very well. This is an album not to be missed.

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