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RJ Chambers Guaranteed To Get You Moving With Mesmerising Single 'Mysterious'

RJ Chambers is the singer-songwriter and producer spicing up our playlist this year with the release of ‘Mysterious’. Since 2020, RJ Chambers has offered up a string of singles, each more vibrant than the last. For the Costa Rican artist, 2020 proved to be a pivotal year with the release of his debut album ‘RJ Chambers’. This album is swimming with style as he sways in between Spanish and English. Even with the potential language barrier, the effortless musicality and suave tone of his voice are not lost on us listeners. His discography is dripping in smooth and utterly danceable beats and ‘Mysterious’ is yet another example of RJ Chambers’ diverse talent.

‘Mysterious’ moves into the more RnB realms of RJ Chambers’ musicality. Standing front and centre of the electronic soundscape is RJ’s vibrant vocal line. Sailing over the synth-heavy sonic landscape, RJ Chambers demonstrates his powerful vocal presence with every note. The chorus, sung in English, is completely catchy — trust us, you’ll be singing along before your first listen is through. Rj Chambers’ smooth tone transforms the darker beat below, creating a captivating contrast throughout the single. A hip-hop drum line drives this track forward, with a banging bass drum and sharp snare RJ Chambers’ has sculpted a pretty heavy beat. Stunning synth lines are sprinkled between the darker elements of the instrumentation; this light and shade make for mesmerising listening. The percussion peppered throughout adds that unique flair we’ve come to know and love from RJ Chambers, seen in his songs ‘Passion’ and ‘Solos Tu Y Yo’. With the recent release of ‘Disfrutamos’, RJ Chambers is shaping up to be one of the hottest artists reviving our playlists right now.

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