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Rory Gillanders is back with a brand new EP: Wilderness

At times, nature can give us some answers in its silence. It can help us figure out the true essence of things, what we’re supposed to be doing and generally speaking, the true feel of having our place in the world. Rory is a very special songwriter, because his distinctive approach channels the sound of iconic greats such as Neil Young or Bob Dylan, while also capturing the essence of more contemporary acts such as Sparklehorse and Bright Eyes, to mention but a few.

At the end of the day, there is something quite special about being able to make such stripped-down music, using only a few simple elements, but really doing the songs justice. This is very difficult to do, because it is so easy to be overwhelmed by the stark intimacy and the lack of a big set of instruments to sort of hide the nuances of the player. However, Rory’s music is almost the opposite, as it strikes with a more intimate and dynamic approach.

Find out more about Rory Gillanders’ music and do not miss out on the beautiful songs on Wilderness:

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