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The Ephemeral Releases ‘Your Burden Is Safe With Me’

Are you ready to blow out your speakers with heavy-hitting energy that tackles the highs & lows in a most profound way?  If you answered yes, then ‘Your Burden Is Safe With Me’ by The Ephemeral is your ticket! 

With large doses of metal, alternative rock and progressive music, The Ephemeral blends it all together to make up one bold sound that pushes boundaries.

The Ephemeral is based in Phoenix, AZ and ‘Your Burden Is Safe With Me’ is the second release for the band.  This group has a way of jolting your senses with loud & aggressive notes at times but then can bring it down a notch and ease your soul at other times.  This ability to play on all of your emotions is certainly a gift The Ephemeral has and the Phoenix band is not holding back on the new album.

The record kicks off with an in-your-face, adrenaline rush on “Goliath” that is screamo all the way plus a heavy-hitting punch of hard rock & metal.  The mighty “Goliath” is pounding his chest and bouncing off the walls with a ridiculous amount of force, so listen at your own risk.  Next, “Mayfly” is setting sail and is full steam ahead.  It is sink or swim for The Ephemeral as “Mayfly” goes on one energetic voyage pushing through choppy waves that are quite violent.  On track three, “Pineapple King”, The Ephemeral serves up a sweet slice of heavy riffs and super-charged elements. The Ephemeral is screaming its way into your eardrums with one aggressive performance & delivery on “Pineapple King”. “Opulence” is the next song and this one packs a BIG punch that ignites your senses.  Moving along, The Ephemeral has you on the edge of your seat, so buckle up and hang on as “Vibe Check” is clear for takeoff. Track six, “Nil 1”, showcases a singer who is fierce on the mic and a band that plays with so much tenacity.  The Ephemeral follows it up with “Nil 2” and continues to bring that aggressive and assertive energy to the table.  The Ephemeral ends the 8-song set with “Dead Snow” and the listener will pick up on a very different pace & approach yet still maintaining that sheer authority.  “Dead Snow” doesn’t appear to be melting but actually growing right before your ears.

Be sure to check out the official music video for “Mayfly” right here:

‘Your Burden Is Safe With Me’ is available on all streaming platforms, so go take it for a spin.  The Ephemeral will get your attention loud & clear with this new release whether you like it or not.  The Ephemeral will continue to battle and push the musical envelope, but for now enjoy ‘Your Burden Is Safe With Me’.


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