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  • lauryverdoux

Time to Grab ‘The Wheel’

The Wheel is fronted by longtime producer and session guitarist Avram

Brown who delivers melodies and lyrics like no other.  ‘The Wheel’ is

the new, self-titled album that weaves together elements of indie folk

and rock in a most refreshing way.  You will instantly gravitate toward

the infectious style that is being driven into your eardrums on ‘The


Other contributors to this new LP include: Raymond Richards who

co-produced and engineered the entire record, violist/arranger Kyleen

King (Brandi Carlile, The Decemberists), recording engineer Larry Crane

(Elliot Smith) and the late Ralph Carney (Tom Waits, The B-52's) whose

contributions on baritone saxophone and bass clarinet are sadly the last

tracks he ever recorded.  Together, these musicians have created

harmonious notes and they are all definitely steering ‘The Wheel’ in the

right direction.

The album kicks off with “Wintered Wanderlust” proving to be a blistery

mix that is short but brisk as The Wheel captures your attention right


Next, we are “Clearing Ground” that is rich in substance while offering

up a unique arrangement that immediately sparks your curiosity.  Track

three, “Crashing Down”, provides striking melodics and a voice that

makes you feel right at home.  One will come to the realization that

“Sooner or later, it all comes Crashing Down”.  The audience will pick

up on a stunning texture on “Coyote Mask” that is pleasing to the ears.

“Coyote Mask” is the breakout single off of ‘The Wheel’ and you can

check out the official music video right here:

A sense of extreme sincerity hits you next on “Love & Truth” as a

distinct purity rushes over you.  Track six, “River Is Up (Feat. Haley

Johnsen)”, is free-flowing from beginning to end and performed with such

finesse.  The Wheel displays a wonderful connection with Haley Johnsen

as listeners will soak up this phenomenal collaboration on “River Is

Up”.  “Speak Like Droning” comes into play next where an appealing tone

instantly draws you in.

Track eight, “Can’t Find You”, showcases a sense of loss & despair along

with stellar orchestration.  There is something special in the air here

and so the search continues for “Can’t Find You”.  Heading into the next

number, “Almuerzo Con Carney” satisfies us all with a snappy, jazzy

moment to go along with big ‘n’ bold instrumentation.  I particularly

enjoyed the saxophone parts on “Almuerzo Con Carney” as this really

connected with me personally.  A moving and meaningful finale can be

heard last on “Northern Lights” where The Wheel is truly shining.  

“Northern Lights” has a heavy impact on the audience and I’m sure will

leave a lasting impression with many.

In the end, I have to say that ‘The Wheel’ has so many bright layers &

dimensions that will attract a wide variety of people.  Musically,

vocally and lyrically, The Wheel is hitting on ALL levels!  The gas tank

is at Full for The Wheel, so I am excited for the journey ahead.  For

now, enjoy ‘The Wheel’ and be sure to take it for a spin! JR


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