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Top Five Songs: Mark Westberg

Mark Westberg is a musician of various artistic trades and talents, hailing originally from Seattle, WA and now currently residing in Santa Fe, NM. He loves and appreciates a plethora of musical styles, and personally specialises in the folk-punk, grunge, and rock-and-roll influenced genres as a singer-songwriter and also occasional band member.

In no particular order, here are his top five songs...

“Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett

This song has always brought me back to childhood, as it was played for me a lot growing up. It reminds me of longing to see those I love and care for again; a theme and feeling all too close to home for us right at this present moment.

“Sit Next to Me” by Foster the People

This song typically registers a feeling of bittersweet/happy nostalgia for me. It places emphasis on the both the fun and often confusion of youth, and being able to say, “it’s alright”, at the end of it all as the song states.

“Keep Time on Me” by The Fleet Foxes

This song is my own mental tribute to many friends and loved ones of whom I cannot see anymore. It reminds me not to take anything within this human experience for granted, even on the days we may feel our best or most invincible.

“Bad Self Portraits” by Lake Street Dive

This song reflects a confusion of figuring one’s self out, as well as the pressure to do so especially as one approaches an age of feeling “unaccomplished” or “unsatisfied” with life. It reminds me that societal standards regarding reaching goals don’t have to matter, and that it’s never too late to do what you need to do. Take your time and keep going.

“Colors” by The Black Pumas

I interpret this song for myself to be about just trying to make the best of a single day of existence and see life for what it is even if there is a particular magnitude of inevitable struggle and challenge. There is still plenty of color in this planet, colors that may reflect our current state or frame of being, and we are all a part of the great color spectrum.

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Stream the album ‘Starseed Phantoms’ on all major streaming & digital platforms HERE


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