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Underlined Passages deliver their vibrant new release ‘Neon Inoculation’

Making waves throughout the music scene since the release of their highly acclaimed 2015 debut album; rising Baltimore-based indie-rock duo, Underlined Passages, have been creating music, and honing their unique brand of artistry, that has been capturing the attention of listeners all over. Consisting of guitarist and vocalist Michael Nestor, and percussionist Jamaal Turner, the pair spent 2015-2017 building their incredible musical reputation; showcasing their passion for song writing, and creating stunning guitar-driven, emotionally intense, and soulful soundscapes.

Now back with their first release of the year, the pair have delivered their exciting new album, and first extended project since 2017; ‘Neon Inoculation’. A captivating 10-track record, the album is filled with emotive instrumentals, rhythmic indie-rock beats, and immersive, ambient, sonic landscapes; giving listeners the latest taste of their sound and style, and the vibrant artistry we have come to know and love from the pair. Giving off a mix of emotions and sentiments, the album can be seen as Underlined Passages’ message and commentary to fans and listeners on what we’ve all been through over the past two years; offering solace and comfort to music lovers who have, and still are, struggling over the course of the pandemic.

Opening with a mellow, and slightly mournful track, the album begins with ‘Feb. 1992’. With a rhythmic and delicate indie-rock led instrumental heralding the first notes of the album, this is the perfect reflective song to really bring listeners into the sonic world of the album. Beautifully mournful, ‘Feb.1992’ transitions to a more vibrant, synth-led energy, and a bigger and bolder sound, on ‘The New Sincerity’. Showcasing their diverse and eclectic artistry, the album swiftly moves on to deliver a more dreamlike soundscape, still leaning into those synth-led influences we hear on ‘The New Sincerity’, on ‘Couples Therapy’.

Making our way through the album, it continues in this vein; delivering an eclectic blend of synth, indie-rock, and soulful vibes. From the nostalgic and ethereal energy we get on ‘Drone’, to the experimental, yet throwback, stylings we hear on ‘Bifurcation’; there is no doubt something on this album for everyone, and something to match almost any mood. And making sure to add some up-tempo, rock-led bangers into the mix; we get this classic and bold romantic rock track on ‘Lng Trm Xpsure’. As the album continues to play out, it comes to an end on the final track, ‘Circles-Sand’. Bringing the sonic stylings full circle, the album finishes on an atmospheric and melancholic note, with the ‘Circles-Sand’ exploring the theme of lost love; one that we see weave its way throughout the record. With a captivating and bold production, there is something about ‘Circles-Sand’ that leaves you feeling a unique mix of pensive, calm, and peaceful.

An incredible album from start to finish, this is sure to be another fantastic year for Underlined Passages, and the beginning of more show-stopping new music to come. Taking you on an immersive and nostalgic sonic journey with ‘Neon Inoculation’, this is one new album you certainly won’t want to miss.

Listen to Underlined Passages HERE

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