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101 Trep Reinvents Himself on Garage Track 'Satellite Dinge'

101 Trep bursts onto the garage scene with the exciting new single 'Satellite Dinge'. Having originally begun his career creating indie music, Trep is now confidently cementing himself as a whole new artist and creator.

An avid music fan his entire life, Trep finds inspiration in all things. A self-confessed music obsessive he has said, "I'm all about music, day in day out, it's all I can think about. Wether it's soul, hip-hop or rock, I can always find myself within a song".

And this lifestyle of loving music is clear in his new sound - inventing a new genre he has named Satelliet Dinge - a dutch UK Garage / DnB / Hip-Hop genre fusion. Filled with youthful energy and an unrelenting, dynamic beat, the song reflects Trep's vision of enjoying what you have and the simple things in big city life.

Stream 'Satellite Dinge' on Spotify now:

Find Trep 101 on: Instagram | YouTube


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