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614Mike Drops First Single Of 2022: ‘Feeling A Way’

Released on the 21st of January 2022, Feeling A Way is the first solo single from 614Mike – rapper, producer, and singer-songwriter.

The intro of this track feels very The Weekend inspired, with its slow-moving synth melodies and drones, creating a soft soundscape ready for some trap beats and honest lyrics to follow – singing, ‘What’s the deal? Wasn’t trying to hurt you, I was tryna keep it real.’ Nostalgic of Drake, Future and Kanye West too, in terms of its immediate sound, 614Mike has no doubt been influenced by those at the top in the American rap scene.

Expected to break out from Columbus, Ohio, as a household name himself, 614Mike has generated a strong, first solo single ready to satisfy his keen listeners. Having worked on his craft since the sixth grade, 614Mike is now showing the fruits of his labour. What comes next from the multi-talented musician remains uncertain, however with what has been presented so far, can only mean eagerness and even more passion for his forthcoming music.

Available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming platforms on the 21st of January, you can listen to Feeling A Way, here.

To keep up to date with his latest music and more from 614Mike, his relevant social media platforms are here.


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