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A Closer Look: Briya Jordan's New Album 'Lonely Days Sleepless Nights'

Briya Jordan is a US singing sensation set to wow you. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Briya is delivering mesmerising vocals that can rival the greats. Her latest release is a 9-track album 'Lonely Days Sleepless Nights', which dropped April 1st. Join CFM as we take a closer look...

An attention-commanding performer too, Briya Jordan will no doubt be hitting the stage asap. For now, we are graced with her latest LP.

Opening track 'Out Grew' has a latino, rhythmical beat and ultimate feel. It is an uplifting track about doing your own thing and refusing to be dragged down by anyone else or any obstacle. Jordan's vocals are super strong from the outset and the song warms you up for more to come.This album showcasing the versatility of this vocalist too. There's a gorgeous string arrangement as well.

'Residue' is sleek and a little more trap-tinged. This is badass and trippy, with experimental elements of production. 'Notice Me' is wavy and features an interesting flute sound while a reversed sample offers ear candy. Jordan offers a more rap-style vocal in this one. 'Prove It' is a little more melancholic and dreamy with a special feature from Rica Brooks. There's a dark hip-hop vibe with slick trap 808s.

The guitar on next track 'You Can Cry' meshes beautifully with an unusually pitched vocal, before a flute sound joins in again. This is a unique, nostalgic album with plenty of food for thought. Here the message is you're human, it's okay to not be okay. There's a real beauty to the instrumental composition.

'Hidden Scars' has a vulnerability in its message, contrasting with a mean beat. A touch of Spanish guitar in 'So Cold' is really interesting and keeps a brilliant hybrid hip-hop sound. There's a stand-out saxophone part in the next track 'Sunrise' played by the talented John P Lopez. This one is a little more funky and soulful with a mellow, summery and uplifting vibe. Closing track 'Closed Doors' features gorgeous piano and places emphasis on the vocal and lyrics. The beat is stripped back a little on this one. All in all, a wonderful 9-track journey into the world of Briya Jordan.

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