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A Reflection of Internal Struggle: 'Ghost' by Mark Westberg

Santa Fe-based artist Mark Westberg has just released their latest song 'Ghost', and it certainly does not disappoint. Moreover, it will have you humming the melody long after first hearing it. Turn up your speakers and immerse yourself in the world of the artist well and truly...

Westberg is a maestro musical craftsperson, with a knack for creating meaningful songs that are true to their own personal lives yet still so relatable for many. The trick? Catchy guitar and lyrics that are descriptive and can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Couple this with a memorable lead vocal and you're ready to become a Westberg fan, that's for sure. There are hints of The Beatles, The Doors and more, yet this is a totally unique sound all of its own that will have you wanting to delve into their last project too; their EP 'Starseed Phantoms'.

Westberg paints imagery very vividly with their lyrics: 'I surf the skies of Peruvian starlight; for a moment I'm a spaceman...' Yet to truly understand the meaning behind the new track 'Ghost' we need to turn to Westberg themselves, who explains:

'Ghost' is a metaphorical and personal reflection of internal struggle, and it touches on how gradually healing from pain and past conflict is not always the easiest of journeys. This tune is one of my ways of facing that.

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