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Absolutely Epic: 'Because Of You' by Sazu & Josiah Nichols

Sazu and Josiah Nichols have released their new single 'Because Of You'. This is a haunting song with a powerful lead vocal and gorgeous piano at its core. It's a dreamy dance track with absolutely solid production. This song literally gave us shivers when we listened to it.

'Because Of You' has elements of Billie Eilish and BANKS, yet it's interesting to find a male lead here. Gorgeous transposed backing vocals feature in the pre-choruses, which elegantly builds suspense with intricate sound design, before dropping into an absolutely entrancing drop for the chorus. We hear some luscious guitar in the mix too. This is such a lovely blend of more acoustic, warm tones and slices of electronica.

There are also hints of Timberland in the production too, yet it has a modern spin which belongs entirely to 2021. Without meaning to sound patronising, it's quite remarkable that this is the work of artists who are under 18 years old! Nice work indeed, if you keep going there's dangerous levels of talent here - Sazu and Josiah Nichols are both gonna be huge!

Listen to 'Because Of You' by Sazu and Josiah Nichols right here:

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